Spookity Hollow

TeamV, 2021

Spookity Hollow is a Halloween spin-off of Play With Gilbert, an exploration/collect'em-up game in which you control a kitten.

This is more of the same, but with a new environment to investigate: the autumn-touched valley of Spookity Hollow, replete with jack'o'lanterns and costumes to collect, as well as kitten and bird friends to meet. I'm still looking for the ghosts!

It's aimed at ages four and up, so there are approximately zero scares here, but plenty of locations tucked away amid autumn landscapes, from a mansion atop a hill, to a little tomb???, to what's hidden beneath the lake.

Configurable day/night cycles and seasons add some variety (fireflies come out at night!), there's local multiplayer, and you can, of course, name and customise your cat.

Sure, the landscape and plants could be more varied, and the architecture could be spookier (and more furnished).

But look, you either want the very chill, nonviolent Halloween kitten game for very small children or not here.

This may really be one for existing fans of the main Play With Gilbert game, which has more depth and its own seasonal Halloween event, but I'm happy to have all these games in my library for Smol Owlbear, and it's fun to dip into them even as an alleged adult. Spookity Hollow is available on Steam and itchio, and you'll be supporting a solo indie dev who makes cute things.

Plays nicely on Pop!OS Linux via SteamPlay Proton.

Buy on itchio for $7.99
Buy on Steam for 6,59€